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Sebert Landscaping

1550 W. Bartlett Road, Bartlett, IL 60103

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Memory Keepers

216 S. Main St, Ste 2A, Naperville, IL 60540

Sunshine Services Inc

24115 103rd St Ste C, Naperville, IL 60564

Bubbles Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning

404 W 5th Ave, Naperville, IL 60563

Pr3 Professional Resume Svc

552 S Washington St Ste 218, Naperville, IL 60540

Maid Brigade

710 E. Ogden Avenue # 640, Naperville, IL 60563

Charles Vincent George Design

604 N Washington St Ste A, Naperville, IL 60563

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Sebert Landscaping

Touring Sebert Landscaping’s LEED headquarters

As a leader in sustainable, green landscaping, Jeff Sebert has designed the headquarters of Sebert Landscaping as a stunning example of environmentally-conscious building. The 14,000 square foot office that sits on seven acres in Bartlett is LEED certified, and it has a number of unique features...

Sebert Landscaping

Green initiatives create happier employees

If you have hesitated to make an investment in green landscaping for your business, you might consider the payoff that can take place with employee morale. Adding beautiful and natural landscapes to a corporate environment can boost the mood of your employees and create a more loyal, happy...

Sebert Landscaping

The beginners’ guide to DIY vegetable gardening at home

Eating locally grown foods is one of the best ways to minimize your carbon footprint, and food doesn’t get any more local than what’s grown in your own backyard. If you have been considering starting a vegetable garden at home to feed your family the best foods possible, there are a...

Sebert Landscaping

Use permeable paving on your driveway to cut costs and protect the environment

It’s been a long winter, and paved surfaces everywhere are showing the damage. You may not think much about the environmental impact of paved outdoor areas like patios and driveways. However, there are various new paving methods that provide more environmental benefits and are more cost...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Take time for yourself during the grieving process

If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, it is important to provide yourself with the time and space that you need to heal. While the five stages of grief are common in many people, you may find that your grieving process is different from anyone’s expectations. By acknowledging your...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Tips for planning a catered funeral reception

When planning a funeral reception, there are many factors to consider. A well planned funeral reception will honor the memory of your loved one, while providing a venue for family members and guests for continued fellowship through sharing a meal, memories and starting...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

A look at the process of pre-planning funeral services

Funeral pre-planning can be a popular choice for those wishing to ease the burden on loved ones at the time of their passing. When a funeral is pre-planned, many of the most significant decisions have already been made. In addition, a pre-planned funeral can help to ease the...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Managing grief through the winter season

While the loss of a loved one is difficult during any season, coping with grief can be especially trying during the winter. During the winter months and holidays, you may be reminded of special times that you shared with your loved one. In addition, the chilly weather and busy schedules that are...

Memory Keepers

A look at Memory Keepers’ audio transfer services

If you have old audio recordings stored on tape, you may not even have the technology to play these tapes at home anymore. You can restore the playability of these recordings and keep your memories in good condition for years to come by visiting Memory Keepers in Naperville and taking advantage...

Memory Keepers

Three reasons to preserve your photos, videos with digital transfer

Your personal photos and videos contain priceless memories and precious information. If you are still holding on to your videos and printed photos, now is a great time to transfer your media onto a digital platform. With digital transferring services, you will ensure that your memories are stored...

Abt Electronics

Expand your culinary possibilities with the Vitamix 500 Series Blender

The Vitamix 500 Series Blender does so much more than make smoothies; it is a versatile kitchen appliance that can change the way you work in the kitchen. Vitamix blenders are hand-built in the United States, and they are designed to live up to the demands of even the busiest kitchens, so your...

Abt Electronics

What to expect from the Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi

Apple is a consistent top-seller in tablets, and the Apple iPad Air is no exception to the excellent quality and in-demand design of the iPad line. With iOS7 and flexible connectivity, this tablet provides intuitive user navigation with easy access to more than 475,000 convenient apps at the App...

Abt Electronics

Bring theater-quality sound to your home with a Sonos Playbar Soundbar

If you want to create a home theater experience in your living room, the Sonos Playbar Soundbar can deliver rich Hi-Fi sound with convenient setup and sleek design. The Sonos Playbar requires only a power cord and an optical cord (both included) to connect to your television and all sources...

Abt Electronics

Improve your listening experience with Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Over-ear headphones can surround you with beautiful sound that will take you away to a musical oasis in any environment. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones provide the distinctive sound quality you would expect from B & W Speakers with the portable convenience and optimal comfort of...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Helping funeral guests understand cultural traditions

Funeral traditions vary around the world, so there are many ways in which deceased individuals’ lives may be celebrated and remembered. If your family has distinctive cultural traditions that may be unfamiliar to neighbors and colleagues of your lost loved one, it may be helpful to provide...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Creative ways to grieve a lost family member

When you are planning memorial services for a loved one, those services should be anything but common. Plan an event that truly reflects the personality of the deceased. There are a number of ways that you might add more character to your loved one's funeral services. Read on...

Memory Keepers

Great ways to transfer your old home movies

If your cherished memories are on tape in the form of VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, miniDV, microMV, or Betamax, you may be compromising the quality of these moving images simply by allowing them to suffer the effects of time. Videotape is an unreliable format for long-term preservation...

Memory Keepers

Preserving slides of your precious family memories

If you have boxes of old film negatives or projector slides, your memories may be going unnoticed, as these mediums are not easily accessible or durable to the ravages of long-term storage. Therefore, you might consider preserving your slides and negatives with some help from professionals. ...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

How to select appropriate sympathy gifts

Offering your sympathies to the family of a deceased individual can be challenging, as it can be hard to find the right words to reflect your feelings and show support. If you are struggling to choose the right sympathy gift for the family members of a lost friend or acquaintance, follow these...

Abt Electronics

Take your photography to the next level with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, the simplicity and flexibility of Canon’s DSLR cameras can suit your style and provide beautiful images that you will want to show off. With the Canon EOS Rebel, you can combine the capabilities of high-end DSLRs with the...

Abt Electronics

High definition redefined with the Samsung PNF8500

Samsung televisions have changed the TV watching experience with smart technologies that enhance connectivity with your favorite devices and give you the power to download your entertainment apps right to your television. The Samsung PNF8500 is among the latest models in Samsung’s line of...

Abt Electronics

Solve your pet fur problem with the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog

You may not consider vacuuming a fun or thrilling activity, but the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner may change the way you think about this household chore. With incredible suction and convenient features, the Miele Cat & Dog provides exactly what pet owners need in a vacuum...

Abt Electronics

Tapping into the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab 3

If you are in the market for a tablet, there is much more to discover beyond the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 3 has been a popular choice for tablet users, offering distinctive benefits for those looking for entertainment. The Galaxy Tab 3 can be used with ease by anyone familiar with the Android...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Tips for talking to children about the loss of a loved one

Losing a parent or elderly family member can be particularly difficult for young children, as they are still struggling with the concepts of death and loss. Therefore, it is important to provide children with plenty of support and answers to their questions as they begin to grieve. Here are a few...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

How to choose the right words for a loved one’s funeral service

Every service is different and unique for the life that is being celebrated, but there are some guidelines that can lead you to the right words to share with friends, family and acquaintances of your loved one. Unless your passed loved one has pre-planned his or her funeral arrangements, the...

Memory Keepers

Can I transfer 8mm film on my own?

If you have old home movies on 8mm film, you might be considering conversion to a digital format that will make it easier to share and enjoy your cherished memories. Taking this project to a professional is generally the best option, as doing the conversion yourself requires a great deal of work...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

A look at common sympathy flowers and their meanings

Flowers are a timeless expression of sympathy included in funeral services around the world, and there are several varieties of flowers that carry meanings associated with death and memorial. If you are in search of the right flowers to send to the family of a lost friend or acquaintance, these...

Photo by Tobyotter via Flickr Creative Commons Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Selecting proper attire to wear to a funeral

Western funeral attire can vary greatly depending on the preferences of the deceased and his or her family members. In some cases, preferred attire will be specified beforehand so that funeral guests are wearing clothing that reflects the personality or ethnicity of a lost loved one. If no...

Photo by Identity Photogr@phy via Flickr Creative Commons Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Coping with the loss of a spouse

The death of a spouse may be one of the most emotionally taxing experiences in your lifetime, and it is not uncommon to take years to fully recover and accept the loss. Still, there are ways to get back to your daily life with some emotional stability and acceptance. Be patient with yourself The...

Memory Keepers Memory Keepers

How to preserve your most treasured family memories

In the digital age, keeping VHS tapes and reel-to-reel 8mm movie films around the house is in no way a method to preserve your memories. To keep your existing films, tapes, photos, and slides safe and up-to-date for use with modern technology, you can rely on Memory Keepers' digital...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Funeral Etiquette: Attending the Funeral Service of an Acquaintance

Attending a funeral of an individual who is not a close friend or family member can raise several questions about etiquette and formalities. While it is appropriate to attend a funeral service for a colleague, friend of a friend, or other type of casual acquaintance, there are some rules to...

Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Exploring the benefits of funeral pre-planning

Working with a funeral planning professional to make final arrangements before they are needed is a growing trend in funeral and memorial planning, because it offers a great gift to families and loves ones in their time of grief. Making such arrangements generally only requires one to two hours...

Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home, Naperville Friedrich Jones Funeral Home

Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home, Naperville

The Friedrich-Jones and Overman-Jones Funeral Homes have been providing end of life services for families since 1918. Their mission is to help families create customized services, provide them with the finest facilities, and create an ongoing relationship with families they have served.  ...

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