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Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Players Indoor Sports Center

1740 Quincy Ave, Naperville, IL 60540

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Fitness Experts

235 S. Washington, Naperville, IL 60565


1152 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Central Camera Co

230 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604

Ed & Annette's Monkeys & More

4301 W 47TH St, Chicago, IL 60632

Lincoln Park Athletic Club

1019 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614

It S All Good Mobile Dj's

3733 N Olcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

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Players Indoor Sports Center

Celebrate the season with 'Kids Spring Fling' on May 4

If you are looking to get out and enjoy the springtime like a kid again, Players Indoor Sports Center can kick off your season with their Spring Fling event happening on May 4th. This fun-filled, family event will draw a huge crowd at Players Indoor Sports, creating the perfect marketing...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Signs your employees could benefit from a fun, team-building event

Building a positive environment in the workplace may mean more than providing employees with competitive salaries and benefits. Activities that take place out of the office—specifically team building exercises—can be just as important for the loyalty and growth of your staff. Below is...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

What is the importance of summer activity for kids?

Your child may be looking forward to summer vacation, but this long break from school could have you worried about how your child will be spending time each day. Summer camp offers a great place for your child to continue learning and staying active while having lots of fun. Here is a closer look...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

Selecting the best summer camp for your kids

The weather may still be cold outside, and there are several weeks of school left. However, it is important to start thinking about summer camp now so that your child can attend a program that he or she will enjoy when school is not in session. To help you choose the right summer camp program for...

Players Indoor Sports Center

What are Superhero Sports?

At Players Indoor Sports Center, there are activities and classes to get every member of the family involved in team sports. Superhero Sports are for young kids from ages 3-6, and they can help your child get excited about physical activity, teamwork and giving back to the community with the...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Why team sports are beneficial for adults

Team sports are not just for kids and professional athletes. In fact, adult sports leagues are becoming more popular around the country, because they provide an outlet for physical activity and socialization. If you are considering joining an adult sports team, these benefits may give you some...

Fitness Experts

Tips for designing an effective weight training routine

Weight training is a misunderstood part of a complete workout routine. While many people think that you only need to focus on weight training if you want to bulk up, this type of exercise is actually essential for building lean muscle that will help boost your metabolism and give you more...

Fitness Experts

What the StairMaster SM3 StepMill can offer your workout

Stair climbing is the ultimate workout for weight loss and lower body strength. With the StairMaster SM3 StepMill, you can experience optimal payoff with a compact machine featuring sleek modern design. Six inch escalator-style steps allow you to get a low-impact workout while you monitor your...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

Why swimming is a great workout for everyone

Aerobic exercise is important for anyone, because it keeps the heart healthy and serves a critical role in weight management. However, many people are simply not fond of the intensity of running or the isolated muscle toning of biking. Swimming presents a great alternative that has many benefits...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

Gearing up for your first triathlon

Completing a triathlon can be an empowering and highly rewarding accomplishment, but it does require some serious training and dedication. It is possible to get prepared for a triathlon even if you are not currently very active; you just need to give yourself enough time to get in shape. Below is...

Fitness Experts

How to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution

With the New Year approaching, you may have a resolution in mind related to weight loss or getting in shape. The New Year is a popular time for people to start hitting the gym, but few stick with it throughout the whole year. To make a resolution that lasts, use these tactics to promote long-term...

Fitness Experts

Why should you spend time with core strengthening?

Almost every exercise you perform will draw strength from your abdominal muscles in your core, so you might spend some time focusing on these muscles when you begin a home workout routine. Whether you use an Ab Coaster, Pilates or the FreeMotion Abdominal machine, core strengthening offers a...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Stay in top shape this winter with these tips

If you want to break the cycle of holiday weight gain, there are some fun ways to stay in shape and fend off extra holiday pounds. Physical activity is the key to fighting off winter weight gain, but it may be hard to work out as the weather gets colder outside. Here are some strategies to help...

Fitness Experts

Staying in shape through the holidays

The holidays can be hard on your figure with calorie-loaded Thanksgiving dinners and a plethora of holiday-themed sweet treats that may be hard to resist. Plus, you may have a hard time squeezing workouts into your schedule on top of holiday shopping and events. Still, you can avoid typical...

Fitness Experts

Exploring the new generation of treadmills

If you think that running on the treadmill is a boring or ineffective workout, your mind may be changed by the latest generation of treadmill technology available for home fitness. Not only do today’s treadmills offer a more complete workout with realistic terrain and resistance, but they...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

Tips for staying fit during the holidays

The holiday season is the most difficult time of year to stay in shape, but you can get a jump start on your healthy New Year’s resolution by maintaining a fitness routine that accommodates your busy holiday schedule. Here are a few ways you can work to keep in shape instead of battling...

Pleasant Prairie RecPlex

Choosing the right workout program for you

Picking up an exercise program and sticking with it can be a challenge, but with the right program and personalized attention from a fitness professional, you can stay on track with your ideal level of physical fitness. Pleasant Prairie RecPlex is the ultimate workout facility to get your program...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Joining an adult soccer league at Player’s Indoor Sports Center

If you have been looking for new and fun ways to get active and stay social, Players Indoor Sports Center offers a number of adult leagues welcoming players of all skill levels. If you are a soccer fan, you might consider joining an adult soccer league this coming season. Benefits of joining...

Fitness Experts

Planning your home fitness regimen

When you have a fitness regimen at home, it is much easier to stick to a routine each day. While your specific needs will be unique, there are a few standard tips for getting started on planning an effective routine. Follow the guidelines below to get started on your fitness regimen. Buying the...

Fitness Experts

Tapping into vibration for better fitness

If you are designing a modern home gym, you will not want to miss out on the amazing technology of the PowerVibe Zen Pro. While this machine does not look like much, it allows you to target areas of your body that your nervous system cannot actually control. This means that you can train muscles...

Naper Sports Nutrition

How amino acids aid in body building

If you are working to bulk up and sculpt your muscles as a body builder, you will quickly learn that your diet will need to be higher in protein, which aids in the production of muscle tissue. However, it is important to recognize that all proteins are not made alike, as they are formed from...

Naper Sports Nutrition

The importance of vitamins and supplements for athletes

Both professional and amateur athletes should be focused on eating a diet that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support an active lifestyle. Even with a proper diet, however, some athletes may need the boost of vitamin supplements to achieve the following beneficial effects. Calcium...

Fitness Experts

Train like a pro with Tour de France Trainer Bikes

Stationary bikes can provide you with the cardio workout you need to stay fit while allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home as you break a sweat. Not all bikes are built alike, though, and the Tour de France Trainer Bikes available at Naperville’s Fitness Experts take...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Fun team-building activities for your next corporate party

A good manager knows the value of bringing employees together in a space outside the office for team-building events. Holding events outside the office can be a welcome escape from the regular weekday routine, and participating in activities outside the scope of work can help your team form...

Fitness Experts

Outdoor workouts to include in your home exercise routine

Strength training is essential for anyone looking to get in shape or maintain fitness for aerobic activities like running. In the beautifully warm weather of summer, you can get motivated to use more strengthening exercises by moving your workout outside with these portable yet highly effective...

Fitness Experts in Naperville Fitness Experts

How to get fit with the WaterRower

The rowing machine was a staple in home and professional gyms through the 1970s and ’80s, but these machines have not enjoyed the same popularity in recent years. However, rowing is an excellent workout that utilizes muscles in the lower and upper body as well as the core, making it an...

Players Indoor Sports Center

How to host a low-stress birthday party for your child

Birthdays are important occasions for children, as they enjoy special treatment and attention from parents. A successful birthday party can create a lifetime of great memories, and doesn’t have to be a nightmare to plan. Read ahead for tips on hosting a fun, stress-free birthday party for...

Players Indoor Sports Center Players Indoor Sports Center

Players Indoor Sports Center

Players is an indoor sports center that provides you with a place to play no matter what the weather is outside. Youth and adult programs are available for those who want to stay active. Programs include soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, and ultimate Frisbee. With three indoor sports fields,...

Fitness Experts

Taking the benefits of elliptical training outdoors

When the weather outside is warm, you may not want to confine your workout routine to machines used indoors. With the revolutionary new Elliptigo, you can enjoy the same workout you would get in the gym while enjoying the free feeling of being outdoors. Low-impact cardio Elliptical machines are...

Fitness Experts Fitness Experts

Fitness Experts

Creating a space to exercise and train at home is a great way to develop a healthier lifestyle, but purchasing proper equipment can be an overwhelming task. Fitness Experts strives to change the way that people purchase professional-quality fitness equipment, because the focus is on what each...

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